SOP’s patrolling & inspection visit at OM Materials Plants

OM Materials Sdn Bhd is our current assignment in Bintulu, Sarawak that highlight on the lockdown enforcement. Previously, the security enforcers just monitored on the security and SOP enforcement for lodges, but since the plant’s production just started to operate back again, our enforcers need to also cover on the premises

The patrolling is being done on daily basis, once during day shift (2 hours) and once during night shift (2 hours), together with the Safety Team from OM Materials. The aspect that is being monitored is the implementation and conformity to the Covid 19 SOP such as mask wearing, cleanliness & disinfection, temperature check and social distancing

As we’re still in the battle to fight the pandemic, every organization is responsible in making sure that all the SOP is being monitored and we’re glad to be part of it.